Oh Shit it’s Tuesday… Hoodie Tuesday?

Well, I forgot until just thirty seconds ago that today was the day when I usually select a hoodie that I probably can’t afford.  I know, the rest of my columns totally sound like they’re written way in advance, right?  Well, I guess today you’ll just have to suffer a rush job.

And the other problem, it’s like 82 degrees out there, which is WAY above my normal hoodie threshold.  Even thinking about hoodies is making me sweat a little bit.  So I think I’ll pick a shirt instead.  Because you’ll need something to wear under all of those hoodies, right?

Today, since I’m in a hurry, I’m doing my window shopping on Akinz because I figure they’re sure to have something cute.  My pick:  The Stupid Cupid Racerback Tank.


It has a cute stitching aplique detail on the front, but best of all, it doesn’t make me feel at all hot.  It looks like it’d be cool and comfortable.  See how it looks loose and flowy?  I imagine that’d be way breezier than the ordinary shirt I’m wearing right now.  The tank also comes in red and white, if a dark color seems too hot - I really I like the white, but I have a tendency towards poor bra color selection with white things… Is that too much information? Oh well, can’t unsay it now!

Here’s a photo of the back, which looks like it would be nice and flowy, good to get some air circulation on hot days.  Plus, a closeup of the graphic, which I dig.

Posted by Kelly Vance on 05/08/12

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