No Bummer Summer: Rainy Day Blues

Ashley Knotek

Rain. It happens whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, I was in the mood to NOT like it last weekend. I was planning to go on an epic bike ride through Shelburne, Vermont. It’s perfect out there on a sunny day with long stretches of flat smooth paved roads guided by farms full of fresh fruit and horses. Bikers paradise.

I was forced to stay inside, huddled with my two cats Yummy and Mamba. Yep… I was that lady, the cat lady. After my two hour long rainy day moping session I decided I would force myself to be some what productive, and what better way to do that then by stuffing yourself full of powdered sugar and butter? That’s right, I was going to stay at home all day and bake cupcakes. Now that my friends, is an adventure…right?

When some people look at a cupcake they feel different things. Hunger, guilt, delight…
When I see a cupcake I see pure joy. Everything about them makes me giddy; whether it’s the colorful wrappers, fluffy cake, or the blobs of icing on top. They just make me so darn happy, always. So, it’s no surprise on a gloomy spring day that baking cupcakes would cheer me up.

I decided to make homemade funfetti cupcakes that I found on the blog How Sweet It Is:

I’ve been following this cooking blog for about a year now, and Ms. Jessica from How Sweet It Is is seriously a food genius. Her flavor combinations are amazing! My favorite dishes from her are the Home Made Funfetti Cupcakes as shown above, and her Buffalo Chicken Pasta. You won’t regret making either of them.

The Funfetti cupcakes are so delicious; they have a very rich vanilla flavor and a fantastically soft texture that pairs extremely well with the thick butter cream. When making these cupcakes be sure to follow the recipe exactly, no dashes of this, or pinches of that; measuring is your best friend when it comes to baking. I’ve been baking for awhile now, and have had more than enough flops due to not following my own advice.

A couple hours and a million spoon licks later I came out with the finished product…

Hungry? Well get off your toosh and go make these. Rain or shine, baking cupcakes is something anyone can do, and it will sure make you smile.

Posted by admin on 05/12/12

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