Trick Tips - Jumps - Hips & Wedges

Rico Evans

Torah Bright at the 2007 Roxy Chicken Jam
Courtesy of Roxy/Welsh

Hips are one of the most fun features in the park, you should try them.

Step 1. Scope:
Scope the hip from the top of the run-in. Unlike tabletops, on a hip you can see the take-off and the landing from the top of the run-in.

Step 2. Test Run:
A hip is pretty much a kicker that’s tilted sideways a little. Since there isn’t a tabletop to clear, you can take a test run going fairly slow just to get an idea of how the jump is going to throw you.

Step 3. Drop in:

Once you do a test run, you can get an idea of how fast and how big you want to go. Approach the hip as you would any kicker, with your knees bent and your base flat. The most important thing is to keep your base flat. As your nose reaches the end of the take off, tuck your legs in. If you want a little extra height without adding the extra speed, you can do a slight ollie off of the end. Not too much though or your balance may be off.

Step 4. Grab:
Not only does a grab add to your steeze factor, it stabilizes you in the air. To start out, try an Indy grab, they are pretty easy to get the hang of, and they definitely help your stability. Grab the front edge of your board with your trailing hand. Make sure to grab between your feet, or you’ll be doing a tindy instead, and opening yourself up for all kinds of mockery.

Step 5. Landing:
This part is easy and crucial. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LANDING! The idea is to land flat based. You want to come down at the same angle as the transition. While in the air, if you keep your eyes on the landing, your body will automatically adjust to the proper angle. Bend your knees when you land because hips are usually pretty flat. Drop your landing gear and throw your hands up like you just got your diploma!

Posted by rico on 02/11/07

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