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Spinning 360
Step 1:
  Pick a jump and get married to it. You should know this jump and be able to get all the help out of it you can. Get familiar with air time, the lip*, and the steepness of the landing. Make sure you’re not going to knuckle it; that’s only fun to watch from the lift.
Step 2:
  Pick your spin. There are a lot of weird people out there that like spinning all kinds of weird ways. I have a friend who can only spin switch frontside 5s. Think about a couple things: What’s your favorite 180? Do you like seeing your landing early, or are you comfortable waiting a few seconds more? Backside will have you viewing the whole landing at 270¡. A frontside only lets you see the landing for about 90¡, after which you should be looking over your shoulder, making it harder to spot your landing.
Step 3:
  Get the balls/ovaries to do it. Yeah, yeah you’re scared, don’t be. You’ve fallen before. You know how it feels, so get over it. You’re at the staging area ’cause you came to throw down. If you can land 9 out of 10 180s it’s time to move on. So do it.
Step 4:
  Call your drop and do all necessary speed checks before getting to the lip. It might help to look for a huge “S” in the snow from people who have already been spinning off of the jump. Once you’re on the lip bend your knees. You didn’t get this far in snowboarding from standing up straight, so don’t start now.
Step 5:
  Once you’re close to the lip, if you want to prewind, do it now, but I don’t recommend it. You can just turn into the spin, which I think is easier. DO NOT SPIN 90 DEGREES ON THE LIP. It’s ugly and you risk catching an edge: causing you to learn front flips instead of 3s. Roll off of your heels or your toes, and pull your arms in. Don’t make any sudden movements in the air, just pull your arms in, and pull your knees up close to your chest.
Step 6:
  Look in the direction you’re spinning. Keep doing this until you can see the landing. Don’t freak out now ’cause landing is the hardest part, and the only real part you have to learn. Landing with your base flat is ideal but most people land on an edge and slide out.
Step 7:
  If you weren’t lucky enough to land your first time, figure out which edge you landed on and correct from there. Once you’re back on the ground it’s not over yet, even if you did land. You might have a little momentum left over from your spin, which can force you sideways and cause you to catch an edge. Turn into it a little, and next time you do a 360, slow down your rotation and open your arms a little to control your rotation in the air.

*Lip: Be careful at the lip: if there’s too much, you’ll get corked, and I’ve never seen a successful corked 360.


I’d love a little more advice on my 3s, I’ve been having trouble for ages now, and have only ever managed to land at about 340 and ride away once… its driving me insane!
I think I’ve been given loads of bad advice (pre-wind loads, flick your arms round as quick as you can, carve into it loads) and I’m hoping its that that was making me screw up. I’ve tried frontside and backside and have settled on FS purely because i can consistently get to about 270 degrees, whereas BS is just a complete mess.
Can you really get all the way round just by looking?! or does that only count if you’re hitting a massive kicker? i know that sounds like a really dumb question but considering how hard ive found it it just seems a bit weird! Any tips will be massively appreciated, ive been getting really frustrated about it for ages cause i find kickers much harder than rail riding but i love them so much more!

340! Man, you’re almost there. You only need loads of pre-wind if you’re huck norrising yourself on something small. Flicking your arms around only causes you to slow your rotation: for the slightest moment they’re orbiting your body and doing you no good. Check out the pros throwing tens in the pipe. Once they get the grab one hand is around their back and the other in front, super close to their body. Instead of pre-wind, I’d suggest trying spins off the biggest jump you feel comfortable on. 10ft is the minimum. The more time you have in the air, the more time you have to get a full rotation. It may be scary but you’ll thank me later, I promise.
Carving hardcore into a jump works, but you’re at the mercy of the lip, and there’s no better way to get corked then that.
So you decided to go frontside/blind side, word. So you get 270 and you know the landing is coming up, and spinning front side you’re blind to it. What you should do is practice some shifties. That way when you get stuck at 270 you can get your legs in the right spot and have the rest of your body follow for the rest of the rotation. It’s cheating but it looks steezed and works.
As for the head thing, yeah it works. I didn’t think so at first, but when you have to spin around twice, it’s a deciding factor on how far you’re gonna make it around for a 7.

Posted by freelance on 02/12/07

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