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Girl Powder

Shred Betties interviewed Girl Powder founder Joel Lackovich to learn about his company, philosophy, and how he turned a grassroots website into a women’s snowsports movement.

1. What is the story behind Girl PowGirl Powder  Where did the idea come from? GIRL POWDER® was founded as an online ride share message board for women to connect with one another to gain safer passage to the slopes in 2002.  It was really frustrating for me to drive by young women hitchhiking to the slopes. I told my girl friend one day that something needed to be done to create a safer travel to and from the slopes, so I created an online ride-share message board at Today, the online message board has evolved into a statement on the mountain that GIRL POWDER® is more than just a website, but a way of life.  Our clothing advocates strength, empowerment, and awareness of women on the slopes.

2. Wait, your name is Joel, does that mean you’re a guy? Yes, good guess (smiling).

3. If so, how’d you get into women’s snowboarding?  If you did it just to meet hot chicks, we’d understand, we know girl riders are hot.  I mean, not to say that I’m hot or anything, just in general.  Wait, back to the question. Too funny! My friends tell me I am a special blend of good Samaritan and avid snow-lover, and GIRL POWDER® in turn is a company which represents both.  I simply saw something that needed to be done, acted on it, and here we are today. GIRL POWDER® is now more about a movement representing awareness of women on the slopes, than about how it started.  I think our MySpace site ( is a great sign that there is a voice to be heard. 

4. How did you select your sponsored riders?  Which women are on your team?  What do you look for in a potential team rider? All of our team riders are girls that love the snow, love to compete, and love to meet other girls to ride with on the mountain. I honestly think all of them would rather be on the mountain riding then doing anything else.

Girls on the 2006-2007 team this year are:

  • Kate Jones (Idaho)
  • Kim Achelis (Utah)
  • Heidi Adamson (Oregon)
  • Summer Anderson (California)
  • Kalyn Benaroya (Oregon)
  • Laurie Currier (California)
  • Jillian Fai (California)
  • Lindsey Mitchell (Indiana)
  • Alison “Midi” Papworth (Illinois)
  • Mindy Ramsey (Colorado)
  • Nicole Slechta (California)
  • Cierra Xavier (California)

We are always looking for new team riders. I highly recommend that female athletes that want to be sponsored begin competing in the United States of America Snowboard Association, USASA, ( and then contact us. You will then get on a regular competition schedule, learn all about the safety of the sport, and have a competition resume and record to provide us.

5. What’s your favorite dance move?  When they say “everybody wang chung tonight” do you listen, or are you a rebel like that?
Have you ever seen the movie “Hitch” with Will Smith? You know “Making the Pizza”? Just kidding. I am a “zone” kinda guy. Like Hitch, I dance in my zone.

6. Do you ride or ski?  What resorts do you usually hit up? I snowboard, and this is a really hard question to answer as I feel all the resorts and different parts of the country have something awesome to offer. However, if you had to pin me down, it would be Lake Tahoe. Although we are based in San Diego, GIRL POWDER® started in Tahoe in 2002. On my belt already this year, you will find lift tickets to Sierra At Tahoe, Northstar At Tahoe, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and Borreal. However, this year GIRL POWDER® will be at events in Colorado, Washington, New York, Whistler, and California.

7. Do you see any interesting future trends in the market? Snowboarding is hot right now, but skiing is making a big comeback, and has been for a while. It’s great to see girls hit the slopes on both skis and a snowboard. Also, we don’t condone listening to music while on the slope (for safety issues), but we are seeing a lot more girls sporting mp3 players while up on the mountain.

8. What kind of products is Girl Powder offering this season? This year we will be offering a vast array of product including our fitted and baby T’s, hoodies,  thermals, socks, beanies, stickers, and of course our dog-tags, which we give 20% to Breast Cancer research and awareness.

9. I see you sell socks.  Nothing like a good post-feminist sock. Our socks rock. Kim Achelis, one of our sponsored riders, did her first 540 in our socks!

10. What can we expect from Girl Powder in the future?  Do you expect to expand into other types of products? GIRL POWDER® is growing rapidly. We are planning on growing our line to be a premiere women’s winter sports clothing line and you can expect to see outerwear, possibly even snowboards, in the near future.

12.  Anything else entertaining to say?  I’ve run out of entertaining ideas. We support female riders and skiers by sponsoring many events, including events which raise money for breast cancer research and awareness like Mamafest (, Boarding for Breast Cancer (, and the Breast Cancer Fund ( . Also, we will be sponsoring our 3rd annual industry party at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival ( in April 2007. We also have our first film coming out next season and we are excited to release it! Represent!

To learn more about Girl Powder, or check out their products and team, go to

 Girl Powder Crew


Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/08/06

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