Delta9ine Clothing - Jason Mathew Interview


When did you start delta9ine? What inspired you to start it? Delta9ine Room at The Block
  We started the idea of a clothing company in May 2004.  Our first prints were in August of 2004. We changed the name in Dec 2005, and it has been Delta 9ine ever since.
  To be honest with you, it was a weird inspiration which got Delta 9 rolling.  I was planning on moving to Amsterdam in January 2004 to finish my degree in International Business, and travel Europe snowboarding. Exactly one week before my flight out of the states, I shattered my right ankle, severely sprained left ankle and mangled my shoulder which put me in a wheelchair. Needless to say I wasn’t moving any time soon. Five months later, still able to walk, I locked myself out my car. While waiting for a new set of keys, I started jotting down ideas for a new clothing company on a receipt I had from the Thai restaurant I was at. That is pretty much where it all began. I still have that little receipt.


  My main inspiration is to design clothes and accessories that are meaningful to a person based on their personality, not just a brand name. We are not only a clothing company, we are a company that will experiment with many new things, hence the word “Experiment” in our logo.


  How many riders will be on your team? How many female?
  Delta9ine kidsThis year we are starting off with only 3 male riders, local friends who kill it. We aren’t really on the scene to be known for the people we have riding for us. We want people to rock our gear because of the creativeness, quality, ill art, and individuality we supply. If you can ride, you dig our style, and need some exposure, well then maybe we can help out.  We are also a fairly new company, so we have a limited sponsorship budget.


  In Spring of ‘07 we will launch our first full women’s line, So we will probably wait until next year to have a female team. Most team members will be chosen by videos sent in or at comps.
  Where do you ride, and what type of riding do you do?
  Local Mountain was Sierra Summit, but I would now call Kirkwood Home. Love the Canyons, Squaw, Sierra at Tahoe, SugarBowl, and Alpine.  Hopefully I’ll get to do more traveling to Utah and Colorado this year for filming.


Injury riding is what I call my riding style. For the last four years, I have been riding pretty injured. Love deep pow, cornices, tree lines, and any backcountry riding. Once I recover, I might do some more park riding again, but I am getting old.
  What inspires your designs? How do you design your prints?
  We are inspired by our everyday life, and the good and the bad that comes with it, and helping people express themselves in a way they might not have previously.  Mainly all of our work is drawn freehand and then cleaned up on illustrator. Wither I come up with a creative idea, and then our artist Zoombie turns it into a finished product, or he just goes to work and throws some wild shit my way to print. Without Zoombie’s art we would not be where we are today.
  Are you looking to expand into more areas of clothing, or just stick with screen printing designs?

  We are already past that stage. We offer embroidery, and different types of screenprinting. We are also having jerseys designed, as well as outerwear for next season if all goes well.  In Spring of 2007 our first line of boardwear will be out.
  Where is your stuff available?

  Best way to purchase is through our website, which also allows you to be entered into monthly drawing for free hotel stays at the Block or other prizes.


We are kind of picky about the shops we want our product in. We go in and scope every shop we are interested in. We want to see what they offer, how friendly they are, and what they charge for their products.  You can currently find our products in shops in California, Arizona, Florida, Washington but this year we are expanding into many more regions.
  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  Cookies and Cream… what else?Ro Sham Bo


Ok.. that’s about it… unless you have something else brilliant to say…
  I just wanted to mention that we have our own charity this year Boards 4 Children, which raises money to donate boards to less fortunate kids, as well as a charity for disabled children. We also plan on supporting our troops.


  12/3/2007 - Kelly Vance


Posted by Kelly Vance on 11/03/06

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