“Carry Kindness” and help a little shredder

Here at Shred Betties our mission is to get and keep little girls on the snow and in action sports, so this situation has lit a fire under us. Elliot’s board was stolen at a ski resort…we hear about this all the time and it really sucks when someone decides to make a bad decision to benefit themselves. It’s really sad that we go up to have fun and have to be paranoid that someone will steal our stuff. Karma will get this person but in the meantime lets give back to this little shredder and help her raise money to buy a new board.

Please donate, even if its a small amount and help fill the world with goodness with a small simple act and drown out the bad that affects all of us in a negative way. Plus when you show a kid kindness , it’s a lesson they take and more than likely pay forward, for the rest of their lives. Let’s show Elliot what the snowboard community can really do!

From the GO FUND ME account Erika Norcross set up to help our fellow shredder and SheShreds.co Ambassador!:

“Thursday March 9th, Elliot and her family went to Swain resort in NY to ski and snowboard. They went in for dinner and when they came out, 8 year old Elliots’ snowboard was taken from where they left it. Theft is somewhat common at resorts- but usually not of kids boards. On her birthday last year Elliot purchased the snowboard and boots herself which is so awesome. It’s very unfortunate someone took her board, which was a 110 K2 board with bindings. No 8 year old shouod have to be explained why their stuff is missing, especially something she loves and bought herself. Let’s raise some money and help this adorable little girl get back on a new board in time for this new England storm! Any left over money will be donated to a small snowboard company. THANKS so much!”
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Posted by Diana on 03/14/17

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