Shop Checkout - Evo’s New Storefront

Kellie Seldon

On a warm summer evening in Seattle, I got invited to go to evo Ski and Snowboard shop for a little tour. I’ve been a customer at this shop for a few years now and have been lucky enough to see it grow from a space in Fremont to their new, huge location a few blocks down the road. Since starting in 2001, evo has grown into a shop that is bigger and radder than ever.

What’s nice about evo is the fact that they aren’t a male dominated shop. The selection for girls is huge. Their team even boasts three awesome lady shredders that include Megan Middleton, Vanessa Aadland, Kimmy Fasani and Shred Betties team rider Randa Shahin.

If you’ve ever shopped here you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention to women’s selection. I can even sit in my pajamas and browse through their website for new gear. I will admit I do a lot of online shopping since I always take so long to decide what I want. The evo site is honestly one of the best for navigating through thousands of gear choices. I can instantly see sizes and different colors of the gear without clicking on a bunch of links. Another bonus; you are guaranteed the best price through their price match system. Perfect for snowboarders on a budget, like me.

Whenever I walk into this store, I am greeted with the nicest employees. Even on my solo mission, taking photos around the store like a creep, the staff was nice and didn’t seem weirded out by me (I eventually fessed up to not stalking anybody with my camera).

Being an artist myself, it’s always a treat to come into this store. They have art everywhere; on the outside walls, inside and featured in their art shows! The old store even had some street art by Shepard Fairey (founder of the OBEY brand/movement). They sometimes turn the store into an art gallery by hosting shows and array of other awesome events. You can always check out their blog for upcoming events and shows.

This shop doesn’t take a summer vacation like the rest of us. When not in full winter mode they offer wakeboards, skateboards and Summer street wear. When talking to one of the managers, Tom, he pointed out how much selection they had for women. I looked around and realized half of the first floor is dedicated to us ladies! In the summer they have a full inventory of street wear to choose from. With evo supporting us girls and offering us the selection we so crave, it’s hard not to shop here. Summer, as most of you already know, is prime winter gear sale time, and evo is always offering sales and discounts on last season’s gear.

Summer gear - wakeboards, skateboards, longboards, penny boards and wake surf boards. Basically anything board related, you can get here!

This shop is an one stop for riders. Need technical help with your board or even skis? They got it. Crave a rainy day skate sesh? They are soon to be the first indoor skate park in Seattle. Looking for an awesome shop to meet people as passionate about snow as you? You’re in the right place here. Setting the bar high for what snowboard shops can do, evo’s future is looking bright.


It’s no doubt evo is my favorite shop in Seattle, but even if you’re not able to travel miles to get here check out their online store. All the links are provided below. Also be sure to keep tabs on their winter seasonal positions.  Keep an eye out around August and September for jobs here!

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Posted by Kellie Seldon on 08/08/13

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