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Diana Sciandra

When I’m on the hill coaching and conditions are less than favorable, my first inclination is to cancel the day or cut it short. But if you persist, making adjustments as challenges arise, lessons abound not only for you but your athletes too!

When I worked at Mammoth for the Junior Snowboard Team, one thing that stuck with me was the fact that we rode, no matter the conditions.
It was a love, hate thing…you didn’t want to get out of bed on those days but the feeling and the lessons learned were very unexpected and a blessing. 

Going out in “bad” conditions made those sort of days the days that taught persistence, self regulation, the art of “practicing” as an athlete, bonds made within the team because they did it together, and at the end of those days, your athletes confidence can be high. The adaptation you have to make with your physical body is one thing but as a coach (and athlete) the switch in mindset is key. Things you had planned for progression have to be changed. Days when the weather or the snow are less than favorable, it’s those days that you work on your athletes character instead of the sport. 


I suppose it’s a lot like life, when you persist through those challenging time, when things don’t go as planned, it is indeed your attitude about the situation that makes all the difference.

A quote I really like is from a Scottish Philosopher, Thomas Carlyle that says: “Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement and impossibilities: it is this that in all things distinguish the strong soul from the weak”

So I want to thank my then mentor, Ben, from Mammoth, for instilling this quality in his coaches as I now see the amazing opportunities it brings for lessons you can’t teach when conditions are good!

In the challenging times in our lives, what lessons can be learned, how can you use the difficult situation to your benefit, how will you feel in the end? Will you be happy you got out bed or will you regret what you might have missed by checking out emotionally and physically in the face of a challenge?

Choices are cool, what will yours be?!

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Posted by Diana on 03/14/17

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